Taking an unvoluntary break (in english)

I’ve been forced to take a break with training, because I strained my shoulder. Luckily it’ nothing serious, and I was afraid it might be something wrong with the joint. I’ve had a couple of treatments at the chiropractor, and he also made an ultrasound to make sure it was nothing serious.

What really bugs me is that we got our doboks for taekwondo, and I’ve really been looking forward to getting the proper attire. Somehow it feels better to have the dobok and not justa random assembly of t-shirt and sweatpants. But I have to be patient and give the shoulder some rest, and not just suck up the pain.

But there’s also good news. My cusin Pia lives only 20 km away, and she came to visit yesterday and we had a good long talk. She has had a similar experience withstarting over again at about the same age as I am now. We were never close as children, but we have built a strong relationship in the last couple of years, and it’s good to have a family member who can relate to the changes in my life, because she has had a somewhat similar experience.


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